Short Thoughts by Geoff

I thought we might like a bit of light relief in this week’s ‘thought’ especially for those in the ‘at greater risk group’ of over 70’s. Speaking of over 70’s and relief, what comes into my mind is the relief Middlesbrough football fans will be feeling after a 70+ manager, Neil Warnock, came in and rescued the club from relegation. He may not have the agility of his 40 year old predecessor but no doubt he has that which comes with age – wisdom and experience. You know, maybe as a nation we need to value age and experience more than we do, for as we read in Ecclesiastes 9.11 ‘The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong’.


I wonder, do you think we have lost a sense of proportion and quiet humour in the last few years? If so you might like this short piece which comes from ‘A Book of Laughs’ by Graham Morgan, and sold to raise funds for NCH. As the theologian KarI Barth says, ‘Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God’.

So, I hope this makes you smile:-


‘Those of us who are 70+ were born before many things came into being.

We were born before air conditioners, the ball-point pen, contact lenses, credit cards, day-care centres, dishwashers, and disposable nappies.

We got married first and then lived together. We thought 'fast food' was what you ate in Lent, a 'Big Mac' was an oversized raincoat and 'crumpet' was what we had for tea.

We were born before drip-dry clothes, electric blankets, group homes, laser beams and before man walked on the moon.


We existed before computer-dating, dual careers, and house-husbands.

A 'meaningful relationship' meant getting along with cousins and 'sheltered accommodation' was where you waited for a bus.

We were born before penicillin, the pill, plastic, polio shots, radar, split atoms, television, tumble dryers, Xerox, videos, artificial hips, digital radio, video cameras, mobile phones, yoghurt and home computers.


A 'chip' was a piece of wood or fried potato, 'hardware' meant nuts and bolts, 'software' wasn't a word and 'time-sharing' meant togetherness.

'Made in Japan' meant junk, the term 'making out' referred to how you did in your exams, a 'stud' was something that fastened a collar to a shirt and 'going all the way' meant staying on a double decker to the bus depot.


Pizzas, McDonalds and instant coffee hadn't been thought of.

Cigarette smoking was 'fashionable.' 'Grass' was cut, 'coke' was kept in the coal house, a 'joint' was a piece of meat you had on Sundays and 'pot' was something you cooked in.

We who are 70+ must be a hardy bunch when you think of the way in which the world has changed and the adjustments we have had to make. No wonder we are confused and there's a generation gap today.


BUT, by the grace of God we survive!’


Maybe, as Neil Warnock and many other 70+ year olds have shown, there is life and potential in us yet!

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